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Cognate with English knob and German Knopf.


  1. a knob
  2. a button

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Knop - in the Bible, is a decorative ornament.
  1. Heb. kaphtor (Bible verse |Exodus|25:31-36|HE), occurring in the description of the seven-branch candlestick in the Jewish Tabernacle and the Temple in Jerusalem. It was an ornamental swell beneath the cups of the candlestick, probably in imitation of the fruit of the almond.
  2. Heb. peka'im, found only in Bible verse 1|Kings|6:18|HE and , an ornament resembling a small gourd or an egg, on the cedar wainscoting in the Temple and on the castings on the brim of the Kiyor or laver (the "brazen sea" of the King James Version).
Knop as a surname:
  • Scott R. Knop (b* 1964) [], prolific Michigan, USA inventor of scientific measurement, sampling and contaminant recovery devices. ref. U.S. Patent #5,821,864 Knop et al. Google Patent Search #5,821,864
KNOP-TV is an NBC station in North Platte, NE
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